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With the right type of courseware, you can dramatically increase your visibility as a trainer and the courses that you can offer. We create courseware that you can instantly download and deliver to others. If you are a professional trainer, our solutions will offer you many clear savings. For managers and supervisors, our courseware will also allow you instant access to a range of courses that you can use to support your staff.

Now you can instantly access our employee and management level course content on a diverse range of subjects from 360 degree feedback to presentation skills to effective teamwork.

To use any of our courseware solutions, all you will need is some experience of sharing information to others.

Oak Training Content

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It really is as simple as Select - Order - Download. It's fast, easy, and an affordable way to access courseware to increase the courses that you can deliver.

Since 1995, we've worked closely with companies to provide practical and innovative solutions. Now you can download these solutions. Our content will add to your existing sessions, generat new opportunities and create real value for you. We even allow you to add your logos and to deliver the content as your own.

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If you ever wondered where you might find our courseware being used then look no further. We are pleased to include a small sample of some of the great companies that use our content every day.

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Featured Courseware - Change Leadership

Let's start at the beginning, for many staff when they hear the word change they start to worry about:

  • What will happen?
  • How will it impact on me?
  • What will it be like for me in the future?
  • Will I lose my job?

Not many staff will ever think about how they will be involved in leading a change project or that it may in fact be a positive experience. After all, you may be asking them to develop skills that they never thought they would ever use or need!

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[Posted - April 15, 2014]

Customer Relationship Management

In the ever-changing world of customers, it's important to encourage staff to better manage these relationships. In today's featured course, Kay Fitzgerald looks at the world of customer relationship management and introduces an easy way that you can teach staff to move beyond theory and deliver a better experience for all their customers.

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[Posted By Kay Fitzgerald, April 11, 2014]

Facilitation Skills

Before you start investing time and effort in developing a facilitation skills course, save your self some trouble but looking at our courseware solution. In today's featured course, Kay introduces an easy way that you can teach staff to help boost their skills in this important area.

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[Posted By Kay Fitzgerald, April 7, 2014]

Change Management

Anyone who has any responsibility of training others will know the importance of teaching staff to better manage change.

However, with companies getting smarter and smarter at preparing for the future, we can't stay focused on just training senior staff. In today's featured course, we explain how teaching staff to understand change, and how to be better able to manage change, can secure valuable training opportunities for you.

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[Posted By Kay Fitzgerald, April 6, 2014]