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In this post, we are going to be exploring how to train staff to improve their team working skills. We know that there are plenty of articles all over the internet that look at the teamwork in general terms. However, let's step back for a moment and really start to talk about teams. Our courseware will allow you to also share this learning with your participants.

When a team works well, it is certainly something to experience. Everyone involved knows what their role is, why they are they are there and what they have to do. Communication will also flow naturally and things can be achieved.

Working effectively in teams offers many benefits:

  • Improved use of resources through synergy
  • Better communication
  • Increased focus
  • Socialization
  • Fit within a project-based environment
  • Learning and cross training between team members
  • Development of a cooperative culture within the organization

It’s not a drastic change for teams, but it will help team members and the organization in the long run. Remember, it is not hard to teach others to improve their teamworking but it requires the right course content.

We have done that hard work for you.

Everything You Need In One Easy Download

Our courseware is designed for all trainers, managers and supervisors who have responsibility for training staff.

Areas Covered: The different roles and responsibilities within teams and explores communication within teams before looking at how to lead a high performance team.

Target Audience: Employee And Management Level

Duration: 8 hours of content in each course download

Delivery Experience Needed: Some presentation experience

Last Updated: 19 April 2014

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The modules are certainly still proving useful. Every day I think of another use for them, they have come at just the right time, really excellent value for money – the complexity and depth in the materials mean we can mix and max powerpoint presentations to suit our audiences levels and requirements.

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